Bernese Bungalows


Our 'Bernese Bungalows' are 10' X 12' custom built dog houses. The enclosed portion of the bungalows have totally insulated walls, floors and ceilings. Each building has a double-pane window for natural light and ventilation. The porch area has a protective roof overhead, and a gravel base for adequate drainage during the spring-time thaw. Human door provides easy access for care and cleaning.

Brook & the 'Tsnownami'

         Winter 2018

The interior of the bungalows have an electrical outlet on one end. This enables us to plug in water dishes and warming pads as needed throughout the winter.

The Bernese Bungalows and their respective kennel runs are adjacent to our dog park area. This is a fenced pasture that is specifically designated for free time, pack play, and socialization with visiting dogs, etc. Currently the dog park is an open space. Our long term plan is to build an agility course which would enhance play time, agility, and obedience training opportunities.

The porch area of the bungalows are securely wired from base to ceiling. The porch area gate may be closed at night to protect our young Bernese pups from the variety of roaming nocturnal predators that share this landscape with us.

Our litters are whelped inside of our home and receive around the clock care and handling. Our litters do not move into the Bernese Bungalows until they are approximately 4 1/2 weeks old and large enough to use the doggie doors and start supplemental feedings.