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October 2023
 Hello!  As we transition into fall and the holiday season our family has decided to pivot and downsize our dog breeding program considerably.  After Todd's medical emergency & hospitalization in February, we realized we needed to readjust many aspects of our lives.  In the future we will only raise an occasional litter (after we have at least 5 families on our reservation list with deposits).  Inflation has also hit us very hard over the last couple of years with our dog food prices increasing over $20+ per bag, vet bills doubling, & insurance premiums skyrocketing.  All of these circumstances brought us to where we are now, therefore we have decided to put multiple adult & young adult AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs up for adoption that range in age from 1-6 years old.  We also have 3 LeoBerner hybrid pups available for adoption that range in age from 2-5 months old.  They are vet checked, microchipped, and vaccinated.  Please call for more information.  Pictures & videos are ready to send.  We would love to find your perfect match!  One additional note - we had an AKC Kennel Inspection in mid-August, and we are proud to announce that we passed with flying colors!  Copies of the AKC final report are available upon request.  We also need to apologize for our outdated pictures throughout the site.  However, all of our Berners test results are current on the Berner- garde data base.  Please visit and go to the database and type in our BG people ID number. BG People ID: 39061

                                            Please call for more information:
                       (406) 632-4620 
                                    Voice mail only-No text messages





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Female LeoBerner

10 Weeks Old

20.4 lbs


Female LeoBerner

10 Weeks Old

19.8 lbs



Male LeoBerner

10 Weeks Old

22.6 lbs


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