Pricing and Policies

General information about our litters and policies:

Application Process: We frequently receive questions about our application process. We do not have a form to fill out and we don't ask for your tax returns. We're throwbacks from a different era: We prefer to talk in person or over the phone. We are happy to answer questions about our dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog breed in general, and we like to get to know potential families on a personal basis. We especially enjoy hosting prospective Berner families at our home, so they have a chance to spend some time with our puppies and their parents, and see if it feels like a match. We do our best to share as much information as we can. We also like to learn from our visitors about their previous experiences with dogs, raising pups, and understand their lifestyle as a whole. Together, we decide if the breed is right or the time is right.

Health Guarantee:  We do NOT offer a health guarantee. We feel that in Life with pets OR people, there's no guarantees. However, that being said, we believe in doing everything we absolutely can to minimize any health risk your puppy might have. We test our Bernese Mountain Dogs for the recommend health screens: hips, elbows, eyes, heart, DM (Degenerative Mylopathy) and VWD (Von Willebrands Disease). We want our puppies to be strong, and we want the best for the breed as a whole. We are willing to share the test results from our dogs without hesitation, all of which can be verified through the OFA, AKC and Paw Prints Genetics. We also vaccinate our dogs and puppies against contagious diseases. When our puppies are adopted, they have had the age appropriate vaccinations. We also let the new owners know that vaccinations are part of a series and must be completed. Full immunity is not guaranteed until 10 days after the final vaccination takes effect. We also de-worm our dogs multiple times per year. Puppies are mouthy and will normally pick up new parasites from the general outdoor environment. We have never lost a puppy (more than 48 hours old), especially due to sickness. Even with the few that were born weak, we collaborated with our local veterinarian to give them the best chance that we could. We are also willing to share veterinary references about the care and health history of our dogs to potential buyers. We stand by them! We believe that the overall health of any individual (animal or human) is a combination of genetics, environment, lifestyle, and dietary choices. But even then, some heart-break may not be prevented....We are sadly aware of 2 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies over the last 6 years that have died prematurely due to cancer (one at age 2 and one was 5 1/2 years old). Our hearts go out to them!

Adoption Day: We ensure that our puppies are healthy and very well socialized when they are adopted into their new families at 8 weeks of age. They are raised in a loving home environment an experience life with children and other pets. When the Bernese Mountain puppies are old enough to go outside, they are able to play and explore until their heart is content! When the pups are just a few days old we take them to our vet to have their dew claws removed. Prior to adoption day, the puppies also receive a wellness exam, their first round of shots, and are micro-chipped. We also have them de-wormed twice (at 5 weeks and again at 7 1/2 weeks). When the big day comes to go to their new homes, we send them with an AKC informational packet, complete with vet records,  AKC registration papers, and microchip registration information (no cost). We also send along some of their puppy food in order to make the transition as easy as possible. Additionally, we highly recommend that the new families pursue Cesar Milan's techniques (The Dog Whisperer) when raising their new puppies to ensure a successful and rewarding relationship for life (for people and dogs alike).

Pricing: The limited AKC registration option is ideal for family pets that are spayed and neutered. Limited registration dogs are also eligible for entering in AKC obedience and agility competitions. The price for limited AKC Registration is $2,500. Full AKC registration is only necessary for those interested in showing for breed, or for those involved in responsible breeding programs. Potential buyers for full registration pups must be approved on an individual basis providing the new owners agree to complete all health screens prior to breeding. We occasionally offer full AKC registration, which is $4,000. If you would like to reserve a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, then a $500 (minimum) Non-Refundable deposit is required. (The Non-Refundable deposit may be rolled over to future litters if necessary). The remaining balance is due on pick up day. For any families that live out of state and cannot pick up their pups in person, we would consider making airline arrangements. In such cases, the puppies stay with us until they are 10 weeks of age. The charge for flight transportation is $600 (this includes the travel ticket, crate, vet clearances, etc). We personally select the flights for the shortest, most direct route. If there are no comfortable air travel options for our pups, then we will not agree to fly them. We are not willing to fly any of our pups during the summer months.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to reserve your puppy before they are all spoken for! 

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