About Us

Our names are Todd and Liberty King, and together we are raising our family and Bernese Mountain Dogs in Central Montana.  We're relatively recent transplants from the West Coast (going on 10 years now), and we greatly enjoy the beauty and recreation that Montana has to offer.

We have both grown up with a love for animals, domestic and wild alike. Todd worked as a vet tech for 10 years in a small animal hospital and he also volunteered for a wildlife rehabilitation center.  I am a veterinarian's daughter, and have always been drawn to animals and their well being. We are both completely fascinated with animal behavior and understanding more about the world from their point of view.

As a family of five, we are also quite passionate about the culinary arts, the great outdoors, music, literature and art.  Perhaps the most surprising thing about us is the fact that no one in our family owns a cell phone, video games, or participates in social media! We really do our best to live in the moment and enjoy our surroundings for what they are. We're hoping to teach our children to observe the weather, the night sky, wildlife, people (up close or at safe distance), and know the true meaning of politeness and empathy for all. Together with our kids and dogs, we are always striving to do and learn more.


The King Family

Harlowton, Montana


The King Family


Todd & Liberty King

Sage (15), Phoenix (10), & Dryden (4)

Mt Baldy, California

Where we started

Durango, Colorado

Family Reunion Campout

Exploring the ruins

Mesa Verde National Park


Newly Designated Junior Rangers

Mesa Verde National Park


Smokey Skies

(down wind from Colorado)

View from the North Rim

Cottonwood Lake


North Rim

Grand Canyon N.P.


King Family 2012

Mt Baldy Cabin

Exploring the Lava Fields

Sunset Crater National Monument

Flagstaff, Arizona


Sage & Sgt. Pepper

Tom Miner Basin, MT

Pictured Above: Tom Miner Basin, Gallatin National Forest, MT. This particular fall day we were searching for the Petrified Forest. Instead we discovered 8 Grizzly Bears coming out of the treeline at dusk.....Gives new meaning to PETRIFIED Forest! Ha!