Our Dogs

"It takes a village to raise a child"

We strongly believe in that philosophy and value the family relationships and community experiences that enhance our children's lives. We also transfer that same approach to raising our dogs. We believe that it takes a pack to raise a pup! We can see on a daily basis how pack interactions shape our puppies and help with socialization. Our children are an integral part of raising our dogs too. Our dog pack now stands at 10 dogs: 7 Bernese Mountain Dogs, 2 rescue dogs, and a Leonberger, which range in age from a young pup to 9 years old. We thoroughly enjoy watching the dynamics of the canine social structure and know that they each contribute in their own way.

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy life on acreage in Central Montana. Their daily routines include pack-play/free-time exercise in our dog park area before their mealtime. We also love leash walks down our dirt road and along Antelope Creek! We frequently encounter herds of Antelope and White Tailed Deer, view birds of prey hunting along the hillsides, and occasionally catch glimpses of foxes, coyotes and badgers! Our dogs alert to their presence, and remind us of how lucky we are to take in these moments; all while the Meadowlarks Sing!

Our Dogs Diets We have used various dry dog food brands over the years. We are always trying to reach the perfect dietary balance with our dog pack and satisfy their optimal daily nutrition requirements. In years past we have used and recommended Merricks grain free dog food - Buffalo & Sweet Potato. Then we tried additional protein based options from Merricks as they became available. Ultimately we discontinued feeding our dogs the Merricks brand for several reasons: challenges with rural availability, major price increases, and newly published veterinary research that raises some red flags about grain free diets with a possible link to canine heart issues (the research is still ongoing).  We then tried an assortment of dry dog foods and never felt satisfied with the results. Our dogs (and the Bernese Mountain Dogs in general) seem to have a sensitive digestive system, but now we feel like we have finally found the right dog food that checks all of the important boxes for us: optimal digestive care for our dogs, local availability, and reasonable pricing. Hooray! I think we've found it! As of Summer 2019, we are now purchasing the 'Exclusive' brand of dry dog food, Large Breed Adult Dog - Chicken & Brown Rice Formula. Our puppies are eating the 'Exclusive' brand of dry kibble specifically designed for Large Breed Puppies - Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (See Pictures & Ingredients Labels Below).


The Year of the Dog!


We are striving to raise the bar for our Berners and conducting genetic tests and OFA health screens to ensure the highest breed standards in our puppies. We appreciate the guidance and advice that we have received from several established Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders, and are following their suggestions to attain the highest level of professionalism. Our goal is to become an AKC Accredited Kennel and Breeder of Merit.


To locally purchase this dog food and support a family owned business, please stop by and visit Peters Inc,

a fantastic Feed & Ranch supply store here in Harlowton, MT.

Business Hours:

Mon - Fri 8 am-5:30 pm

Sat 9 am-2:00 pm

(Sundays Closed)

Conveniently located at the Junctions of US Highways 191 & 12 on the East Side of Harlowton (across from the rest area)

Physical Address:

11 US Hwy 191 N

Harlowton, MT 59036

Business Phone #

(406) 632-5521


Adult & Puppy Dog Food  $38 per 30 lb Bag